Deals on Toys and Games: Countdown to Black Friday

Grab some great deals on toys, every day until November 19th. Amazon will offer daily deals on toys and games.Deals are time sensitive and when it's over it's over. Check the upcoming deals to make sure you don't miss on your favorite toy or game. ... [ Read More ]

Playmobil Mystery Bags Review

playmobil mystery bags

My Review Of Playmobil Mystery Bags (blind bags)Playmobil sets may be well-known to many parents and older fans but there is another type of product that you may not be as familiar with, the pink and blue “blind bags” that offer one of twelve mystery ... [ Read More ]

Sea Monkeys For a Retro Christmas Gift

sea monkeys

Unique Stocking Stuffers: Sea Monkeys Looking for a fun, unique Christmas stocking stuffer? You remember Sea Monkeys, don't you?! Back in the 60s and 70s, plastered on the back of every comic book you'd find an ad for X-ray Eyes or a Secret Decoder ... [ Read More ]

Stay Away From That Toy Christmas List!

Kids are super excited come Christmas time and there’s always a list of toys to be featured on Santa’s naughty or nice list. Sure, parents want to trust what manufacturer’s, stores, and advertisers say about the different toys offered during the ... [ Read More ]

The Lego Movie Review

the lego movie review

On the surface, The Lego Movie feels like a shameless cash grab. Though beloved the world over, the Lego toys aren't exactly known for their rich storylines. Recently the company has branched into video games and direct-to-DVD films with some ... [ Read More ]