Cool Kawaii Zombie Figurines

Kawaii Zombie Figurines From Frombie The Friendly Zombies

Add some Kawaii Zombie figurines to your collection today! If you collect zombie figurines this is for you! The name Frombie may not mean anything to you right now but that is about to change and once you become acquainted with these creatures you are sure to want to start your own collection.

Frombie is the creation of a relatively new design team that are making an impact on the comic and collectible world and these “friendly zombies” are capturing the hearts and imaginations of designers and teenagers across the world.

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Collect these Kawaii Zombie Figurines

Which Frombie Character Will Be Your Favorite?

The Frombie range is an attractive prospect to any collector because of the characters. They each have such a distinct design and personality that it is impossible not to fall for at least one of these creations. The most common character to be found – and the one with the most variations in design – is the main character of the Frombie series, the young girl named Zora. This weapon-wielding girl with the cheeky, fanged smile works perfectly with her pet Skiddlyboop, a cute flying squirrel complete with flying goggles who is known as SB for short.

Since the creation of these charming, original characters the range has extended to include a number of additional figures that continue to mix the cute and the monstrous into attractive collectibles.

Like SB, Kami – the little Jackalope – provides the aww factor, while Zomo’s appearance is certainly striking, even if it not easy to say exactly what he is.

With the ever-increasing range of products you are sure to find your ideal Frombie to add to your zombie figurines collection.

Frombie Collectibles

One of the biggest draws in the product range is definitely the works of art that are the resin figures. These well-crafted, beautifully designed zombie figurines are available in so many different styles and color schemes that you can collect a varied set of just one favored character or a selection of them all. As well as the pre-designed models, such as the cactus schemes, there are special additions of Zora including a cleverly textured plant and a model that comes blank for your own customization.

In addition to these resin figures there are a many different products that can be enjoyed and bought whether for your own personal collection or a child’s. This range includes so much from pin badges and posters to a selection of plush toys. These plush toys add a new element to the characters and are a great way for younger fans to collect their favorite characters. The soft material and bright colors not only make the toys more fun to handle, they take the cuteness level up another notch. If you thought Kami was irresistible as a resin figure, wait until you see him as a soft toy!

Frombie Collectibles available on eBay, one of the best place to help you complete your collection!

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