The New Easy Bake Oven VS The Original Easy Bake Oven

The new Easy Bake oven: how does It compare to the original Easy Bake Oven models of our youth? When you think of classic, universal toys the Easy Bake oven is one of the first that comes to mind because it has been a much loved part of growing up for decades. You cannot deny … Read more

Beyblade Dome: A Review of the Beyblade Destroyer Dome

The Beyblade Dome Review One of my son’s little friend offered him 2 Beyblade metal fusion tops for his birthday. I had no idea what they were (despite the fact that I am a pretty cool mom) and to tell the truth I would have happily lived in the dark about these toys. But I … Read more

Fisher Price Castle: Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Review

A Fun Fisher Price Castle One of the best-known toy manufacturers is Fisher-Price. Many of their toys have become classics that have endured through the years. Typically, Fisher-Price makes its toys with durability in mind, so quite often the toys are passed down from one family member to the other. The Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle … Read more