Brunette Barbie Doll: A Stardoll Review

The Stardoll Brunette Barbie Doll

Barbie is a global phenomenon who has managed to stay continually popular for decades. Toy companies constantly finding ways to bring her to a new audience or give her a different edge. The Stardoll line, that includes the Brunette Barbie Doll, is one of the latest brands to reinvent this childhood favorite. There is a good chance that you have stumbled across one of these alternative Barbies while browsing toys for your kid.

Barbie Stardoll is a perfect example of how this brand has focused on Barbie as a fashion toy, and it is clearly one of their more striking products, but it is a good buy for your child?

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All Dolled Up STARDOLL Brunette Barbie Doll from Amazon

What makes this Stardoll model so special and is it a great toy?

When you think of Barbie, the pink-loving, girly blonde most likely springs to mind because that is the image we are all used to. But this Stardoll  turns that idea on its head by providing a stylish, Gothic, brunette Barbie doll. This shocking hair color and style is a refreshing break from the norm and is accentuated beautifully by the make-up and high-quality clothing. There is a fantastic range of clothes and accessories that gives this Barbie an edge over other dolls. The red dress really is a beautiful statement that looks much more upmarket than normal outfits. The cute chains, shoes, and finger-less gloves are perfect finishing touches.

Stardoll is an online dressing-up game so it make sense that these fashion dolls – which are designed for kids between 6 and 14 – are geared towards this aspect of play and there is always the possibility of mixing and matching outfits if your child is imaginative with fashion. Is this focus enough to please a child?

While this brunette Barbie doll clearly has some distinct features that set it apart from many other dolls, there are some disadvantages that buyers should consider. Firstly, it must be emphasized that this is a Stardoll Barbie and is very different from some of the standard Barbies, meaning its appeal depends on how much you favor traditional dolls.

Secondly, and arguably most importantly, this doll is limited in it abilities and is definitely more of a fashion piece than a toy. She only has three points of articulation on the neck and arms, the legs and hips being completely rigid, and this means that although your kids can dress her, they can’t let her parade her new look around the room for fear that her legs will snap if she attempts to walk.

So is the Stardoll Brunette Barbie Doll worth buying?

The short answer to this question is yes – depending on who you are buying the doll for. If you are a Barbie fan that wants an unusual example purely to put on display, as a collectible or conversation piece, then this Stardoll model is a great buy because it is so unique and well crafted.

If you are buying it for a child, however, you have to ask what they will gain from it. Kids into dressing-up may enjoy it to an extent but it is a pretty useless toy and cannot offer the same possibilities for play as other, posable Barbies.