Where To Get Venus Mcflytrap And A Venus McFlytrap Review

Venus McFlytrap Review

The teens at the infamous Monster High really know how to dress to impress and one of the newer students, Venus McFlytrap, definitely stands out from the crowd. Venus, an ecological warrior and daughter of a plant monster, has a unique look that is a cross between Poison Ivy and the punks of the 70s with her piercings, denim jacket, vibrant leggings and of course her trademark hair. The first thing you notice about this girl is this contrast of shaved pink and long, pink and green streaked locks.

Venus is a striking character and also a striking figurine. The ever-growing cast of the Monster High TV series is being immortalized in a fantastic set of dolls and now Venus has joined them. What makes this Monster High Venus McFlytrap Doll so special and desirable and should parents go out and buy it?

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Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster

Venus offers everything a Monster fan could ask for in a doll – from the detailed design to the functional accessories.

One of the main reasons why so many Monster High fans are going to love this gorgeous doll is the attention to detail. The makers of these dolls have always been careful to make each character and product unique for a truly attractive and desirable collection but Venus McFlytrap Doll perfectly replicates the character from the cartoon and there is no mistaking her. This fully pose-able figure contains everything your child will look for, from the make-up and jewellery to the intricate vines wound around her legs and wrists, just be careful of the hollow legs as they may not be a durable as your child is used to.

Another fantastic benefit of this Venus doll is that she comes with fantastic accessories beyond her stylish clothes. She has a tote bag – to continue the eco-friendly theme – a brush to manage that stunning hair, a diary and of course her little pet fly trap called Chewlian. The combination of the numerous points of articulation and these brilliant accessories makes playing with her a breeze and gives your child the chance to let their imagination run wild.

A Nice Doll

This is a toy that Monster High devotees can enjoy for hours on end, either in its capacity as a versatile, pose-able action figure ready for more ecological adventures with her school friends and Chewlian or simply a beautiful addition to a growing collection – just remember to keep her away from children under 3 because of the choking risk. Older children will appreciate the collectable nature of this doll and the manufacturers have kept this in mind with the clever packaging that shows off Venus’ style and appeal instantly. This girl cannot help but stand out from the crowd and she will stand out on the shelf too.

In short, you cannot go wrong with this Monster High Venus Mcflytrap doll. You get to give your child a toy with a strong social message and educational merit and they receive a perfect replica of their beloved cartoon heroine to enjoy and play with for years to come. There is no reason to hesitate about buying this figure and nothing to lose.