Kerplunk Game: A 1970’s Game Still Alive

KerPlunk is an intriguing children’s game that many people reading this will have played when they were younger or maybe even as adults with their own children. The original KerPlunk game was actually first released in 1967 by the Ideal Toy Company. It featured a plastic see-through tube, plastic straws or rods in a variety … Read more

Risk Game: A Classic Board Game

Before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Brothers in Arms and various other popular war games, there was the Risk game. Risk was a strategy board game manufactured by the Parker Brothers (now part of Hasbro) and was based on the French board game called La Conquete Du Monde, which translates as The Conquest of the … Read more

The New Easy Bake Oven VS The Original Easy Bake Oven

The new Easy Bake oven: how does It compare to the original Easy Bake Oven models of our youth? When you think of classic, universal toys the Easy Bake oven is one of the first that comes to mind because it has been a much loved part of growing up for decades. You cannot deny … Read more