Lego Minecraft 2013: New Releases and Christmas 2013

With Lego enjoying a mainstream popularity since around the late 1950’s and the indie game Minecraft selling million copies since 2011, it always seemed like a match made in heaven for these two beacons of entertainment. Indeed, when Lego announced a Minecraft line to complement the other themed sets in its collection there was a … Read more

Infinity Toys: The Disney’s Skylanders

Get ready! They’re here! Disney Infinity toys, somewhat similar to the Skylanders brand, pairs the excitement of video games with popular Disney and Pixar action figures to create a whole new virtual world. Update 2019: Disney Infinity was cancelled. You can still play the console version, but all the online service are shut down. See … Read more

Kerplunk Game: A 1970’s Game Still Alive

KerPlunk is an intriguing children’s game that many people reading this will have played when they were younger or maybe even as adults with their own children. The original KerPlunk game was actually first released in 1967 by the Ideal Toy Company. It featured a plastic see-through tube, plastic straws or rods in a variety … Read more