Playmobil Calendars: 8 Days Later

In a recent post (WHAT ADVENT CALENDARS I AM GETTING MY KIDS THIS YEAR) I talked about the Playmobil calendars I was giving to my kids so here’s a little follow up post with a picture.

We are 8 days into the Playmobil calendars and the sets look really good! My boy is thrilled with his first knight. My daughter if having fun opening the daily box, but not that thrilled about her princess stuff. I think she finds her toys boring. I guess she’ll be like me, more into boyish and not so pink toys.

At the moment, her set, Playmobil calendar #4165, includes a princess with her wedding gown and lace headdress, a desk with mirror, hairbrush and perfume bottle. A chair, a tiara and a little girl. She seems more interested in her brother knight on horse…

My son Playmobil calendar #4160 has offer: a knight with armor, shield and various weapons; his horse and its armor and a black crow. This calendar is a little bit harder to find and usually sells for more than the average Playmobil calendars. I was lucky and got it at a very low price. It’s worth shopping around for it, boys (and even girls) will be excited to get this one.

Despite this “hum hum” reaction, I cannot find anything wrong with these sets. Nice and fun. I’ll do another update in a week or so.

Here’s what they got now:

playmobil calendars


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  1. It’s the first time I’m hearing of these, but they look great and the quality of the pieces look good too!

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