Build Your Own Train Table: Cheap Plans

Build Your Own Train Table with How- To Build Toy Train Table Plans

Are you in search of an affordable and fun way to get your kids or grand kids a toy train table? If yes, then read on and you will find your answer and why I recommend it.

Ah, Toy Trains! They have captured the imagination of little ones all over the world, mine included. They are actually fantastic creative thinking teachers.

My son started playing with toy trains when I purchased him his first one, a Brio basic set. Seeing how completely in awe he was, I decided to invest in a toy train table. He was absolutely delighted for two weeks or so.

Why two weeks, you ask? Well, because it broke. This toy table train that I purchased was expensive but cheap and probably made in China.

I started searching for inexpensive ways to get him his gift back, and that is how I found the solution to my problems.

I decided to make my own one!

Now, I know what you are thinking.

Make my own toy train table? That’s an absolutely ludicrous idea.

I can’t do it!

But before you exit out and spend your hard earned money on an expensive pre-made toy train table that might not even last, hear me out.

Yes you can do it, with the help of this little gem:

How- To Build Toy Train Table Plans

This guide saved me from loosing hundreds of dollars.

Here are the 6 reasons why it will help you too:-

Reason 1: This guide claims that you will build your own toy train table in less than 3 hours. That’s a pretty bold claim to make. With the right tools and in the hand of someone who’s good at it, that’s about right. It took us longer, but we are not crafty!

Reason 2: As I said, I am not a very crafty person. Do-it- yourself projects intimidate me. That said, this project made me realize that I might actually not be as bad as I think. Major reason for that realization was this user friendly guide. It was so easy to follow. All the instructions were laid out perfectly.

This guide comes with two plans. The first plan will show you how to make a table top that will fit Thomas the tank or tumble tree wood table top, which is 48”x32”. The second plan will show you how to build your own one. This plan is compatible with Brio, Thomas and even Lego.

Reason 3:  This product comes with an online conversion tool that will automatically convert the measurements to inches or centimeters. This way you can customize your table according to the available space. Don’t let a premade table dictate your furniture arrangement, instead with this guide, you will be able to build a table that perfectly fits in the specified space.

Reason 4: This table is very strong. It can handle extreme amount of stress without obtaining even a single scratch.

Reason 5: This guide only costs $10.50. That’s it. And it comes with 3 bonus gifts:-

Reason 6: They offer a 56 day money back guarantee

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These are amazing gifts that you can use for years to come! For the price of $10.50 this is a must have ebook.

Make it your next weekend project. Trust me, it will be among the best 3 hours you will ever spend and your kids/ grand kids will love you for it. Give your child the best memories by purchasing this guide.

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