Stay Away From That Toy Christmas List!

My 2014 List of Toys to Avoid Kids are super excited come Christmas time and there’s always a list of toys to be featured on Santa’s naughty or nice list. Sure, parents want to trust what manufacturer’s, stores, and advertisers say about the different toys offered during the holiday season, but sometimes during the frenzy … Read more

Reasons Not To Buy A Furby

“You Will Not Be Getting A Furby For Christmas Because”: Reasons Not To Buy A Furby The concept and the face of the iconic Furby is sure to be permanently burned into the minds of any 90s child or parent but, unfortunately, the current revival and new models mean there is no escaping this toy … Read more

The Worst 2013 Toy: The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

Holiday shopping is in full swing and kids everywhere, captivated by the wonderment and excitement of the holiday season, are anxiously waiting to get their little hands on some of the hottest toys this year. Holiday gift giving is always a special part of this magical time of year. Selecting just the right gift for … Read more