The Worst 2013 Toy: The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

Holiday shopping is in full swing and kids everywhere, captivated by the wonderment and excitement of the holiday season, are anxiously waiting to get their little hands on some of the hottest toys this year. Holiday gift giving is always a special part of this magical time of year. Selecting just the right gift for … Read more

Monster High Dolls Steal Barbie’s Crown

Barbie vs Monster High Dolls Barbie dolls have been around for many years with the very first Barbie (in a swimsuit) being shown at the New York toy fair in 1959. Since that time Barbie and her perfect looking entourage have become globally recognized and many children have played with Barbie and Ken when younger. … Read more

Excavation Kits For Kids

Hours of fun unearthing ancient treasures with  digging toys and excavation kits for kids It’s not unusual to find a rambunctious little toddler stomping around the house roaring and bellowing like a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex on the prowl. From a very early age kids are fascinated by the world of dinosaurs and that fascination typically grows … Read more

Ever After High Dolls

Ever After High Dolls: Monster High Meet Once Upon A Time Taking one product and marketing concept and then regurgitating it to create several offshoots is hardly a new phenomenon and it has worked many times in the past. The newest and most recent example of this is the Ever After High dolls which have … Read more