Beyblade Dome: A Review of the Beyblade Destroyer Dome

The Beyblade Dome Review One of my son’s little friend offered him 2 Beyblade metal fusion tops for his birthday. I had no idea what they were (despite the fact that I am a pretty cool mom) and to tell the truth I would have happily lived in the dark about these toys. But I … Read more

The New 1D Dolls Are Here: One Direction Singing Dolls

I have been rambling a lot about these one Direction Singing Dolls for a few days now (admittedly with very little to show to prove they were real). But now they are here! Available on pre-order (update: they are on the market now)! So I wasn’t seeing things after all. The all new One Direction … Read more

The Rare Lagoona Blue Hydration Station: A Monster High Playset review

The Coolest Monster High Playset! The Lagoona Blue Hydration Station is one great toy that is getting harder to find. It’s a Monster High playset that doubles up as a stylish lamp! Any fan will tell you that Lagoona Blue and water go hand and hand. As the daughter of a sea monster she possesses … Read more

Fisher Price Castle: Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Review

A Fun Fisher Price Castle One of the best-known toy manufacturers is Fisher-Price. Many of their toys have become classics that have endured through the years. Typically, Fisher-Price makes its toys with durability in mind, so quite often the toys are passed down from one family member to the other. The Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle … Read more