Made In USA Bingo Games By Lucy Hammett: Fun And Educational

These made in USA bingo games created by Lucy Hammett are educational and attractive. Kids will love them. They are perfect for classroom as well as quiet time games for home.

Lucy Hammett developed her unique and educational bingo games after playing a Mexican version of the game with her own two children. She used her art education from the University of New Mexico to develop the concept, combining visual appeal with interesting facts. The result is a full line of educational games that are fun for the whole family.

Lucy Hammett’s bingo games have won numerous awards: to date, seven Dr. Toy Awards, and three each from Parents’ Choice and Creative Child Magazine.

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Made in USA Bingo Games Sets: from Dinosaurs to Bible bingo games!

Each bingo game set by Lucy Hammett follows a theme: birds, bugs, butterflies, horses, dinosaurs, or more broad topics like nature, science, music, American art, or sports. North American geography is well represented with Canada Bingo or United States of America Bingo. Several states are highlighted with their own bingo games, like Texas, Colorado, or California.

There is even a holiday bingo game (Merry Merry Christmas) and Bible Bingo. With so many themes to choose from, these games are great for the home or classroom. Teachers editions are available, such as the Space Bingo game, perfect to help students retain numerous facts.

What Makes these Bingo Games the Best?

Made in USA, that’s already a big selling point. But that’s not all. These bingo games are so unique! It’s the extra information in each game that makes this line of bingo game sets so unique and admirable. Bingo is a fun game on its own, but learning while you play (painlessly) raises these games to a whole new level. It’s a lot more fun to learn by playing, and these made in USA bingo games make learning easy and interesting.

Facts on the reverse of each calling card are simple enough for young players to grasp, but with enough detail that players of any age will learn something. Bird Bingo, for example, uses drawings of each bird, faceted in its preferred environment (a great learning cue for non-readers) with information on the back of the card about behavior, food preferences, and more.

These games would make great educational fillers for teachers! And if you are on the lookout for fun educational games to play with your kids, these made in USA bingo games are right for you! Deciding on which theme you want will be the only downside to this great line of bingo games!

How to play:

Rules of play follow the classic bingo game rules, with a few optional variations. For example, players can choose to complete a row to win the game, or they can form a letter on the playing board. Suggested letters are given for each game, according to its theme. For instance, Dinosaur Bingo suggests forming I for iguanadon, or T for tyrannosaurus. The winning shout can also be varied; instead of calling “Bingo!” after filling the spaces, players can use a different term, also suggested on each game box. Horse Bingo recommends “giddyup!” and the American Art Bingo set suggests yelling “palette!”

Buy A Made In USA Bingo Game:

Each bingo game includes six playing boards, 42 calling cards, and marker chips. The player boards and calling cards are full color photos or illustrations (a few of which Lucy Hammett has provided the artwork herself). Calling cards are slightly larger but identical images of those found on the playing boards, making matching easy.

Two to six players can play the family edition. Suggested age suitability is 3 and up. The game is simple enough for very young children to play, but the age restriction is there because of the potential choking hazard of the marker chips.