Lego Minecraft 2013: New Releases and Christmas 2013

With Lego enjoying a mainstream popularity since around the late 1950’s and the indie game Minecraft selling million copies since 2011, it always seemed like a match made in heaven for these two beacons of entertainment. Indeed, when Lego announced a Minecraft line to complement the other themed sets in its collection there was a plethora of enthusiasm and speculation in regards to all features of the announced set.

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Since I wrote this in 2013, a lot of Minecraft Lego set have been issued. See the complete Lego Minecraft line on Amazon here

Micro World’, the first set from Lego, was released last year and received an abundance of critical acclaim from fans of both pastimes. In fact, it seemed an almost logical fit for the two to come together: both are extremely popular and both focus on blocks to build and create structures and artworks. The first Minecraft themed set was focused on and designed around Steve, the player-character in the game and also featured one of the arch-nemesis’ for players of the Mojang creation, The Creeper.

However, with Christmas 2013 right around the corner (a mere 11 weeks from the time of writing) then what are the Lego options for Minecraft fans this year?

Back in July it was announced that 2 new Minecraft Lego themed sets were going to be released. This was an astute move by the Danish company; given how much attention and acclaim the original set received last year so it was no surprise that 2013 should see an expansion of the brand.

The two new Lego Minecraft 2013 sets  are centered on The Nether (the hell-esque world within the Minecraft game) and The Village.

The Lego Village set is an accurate representation of a Minecraft themed village and comes complete with blocks to be used for constructing houses as well as the Pig, Villager and Zombie figures which have already excited fans of the game.

The Nether model includes figures too in the shape of two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman. It will also feature the Netherrack block (the most abundant block found in The Nether) in addition to both gravel blocks and lava blocks for users to play around with.

LEGO Minecraft The Nether 21106

Both sets were released at the beginning of September and thus far sales have been high and reviews for both The Nether and Village have been overwhelmingly positive. They retail at around 35$ each from Lego and their sales are expected to rocket in the lead up to the holiday season.

In a way it was always logical that both forms of entertainment would come together given their similarity and the popular nature of both items. While the original set and the two new ones will appeal directly to existing Minecraft enthusiasts and fans it would be surprising if they didn’t bring a new crowd of devotees over to the popular open world game.

There is little information beyond these sets in relation to future releases however given their popularity and the success of all three then it is highly likely that a new Lego Minecraft is on the horizon.