2012 Holiday Barbie: A Review

Barbie dolls are a classic in the world of toys that seems to remain popular even after all these years. There are new dolls released regularly that keep kids and collectors excited. One tradition in the world of Barbie is to release a holiday season exclusive doll. Learn more about the 2012 Holiday Barbie and decide if it is a must buy Christmas gift.

Features of the 2012 Holiday Barbie

  • Stunning red holiday dress
  • Includes necklace and earrings
  • Festive hairstyle

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The Holiday Barbie Dolls: A Tradition

The first Holiday Barbie dates from 1988. Released as just another Barbie doll the company didn’t initially realize that this gorgeous Barbie would be the start of a very profitable collection. Every year you could buy a new Barbie to put under the Christmas tree – what a great idea that was!

Some believe that the release of this Barbie doll in 1988 was also responsible for the birth of the Barbie Collectors.To date, the Special Occasion Barbie Dolls has over 200 different models: holidays, zodiac, bridal, birthday etc.

2012 Holiday Barbie Review

The first thing most notice about the 2012 Holiday Barbie is the beauty and detail it shows. The gown is a deep red with glitter details. The full-length gown is extraordinarily festive and fits with any holiday theme.

The 2012 holiday Barbie has a matching earring and necklace set that set off the sparkles in the dress. She comes with bright red lips and nails to complete the outfit.

The hairstyle is one of the details that really stand out for this doll. The style includes big bold curls that cascade down her back, giving the true appearance of holiday glamor. Together, this total package is gorgeous and sure to appeal to kids and collectors alike.

Doll for Collectors or Toy?

However, despite this there are things you should consider before purchasing this doll—especially if it is purchased for a child’s toy rather than a collector piece. The arms and legs on this doll do not bend and are not pose-able. While they are set in position they are also hollow, rather than solid and are much more likely to separate from the body than on a standard Barbie doll.

Additionally, there are some issues with the doll’s clothing too. Many of the dress’s beautiful details do not continue all the way around the dress, but only show on the front. This is because the doll was not designed to come out of the box.

These factors can prove to be frustrating to children who get the doll as a Christmas present. Many children may want to actually play with the doll.

On the whole, this beautiful doll is a great choice for a collector’s piece, but is not the right choice of a doll to give to a small child because of the issues with quality and the fact the limbs do not pose.

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The collector’s doll have the same features: red gown, jewelry and nice hairdo! She is still available on eBay:

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