The Worst 2013 Toy: The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

Holiday shopping is in full swing and kids everywhere, captivated by the wonderment and excitement of the holiday season, are anxiously waiting to get their little hands on some of the hottest toys this year. Holiday gift giving is always a special part of this magical time of year. Selecting just the right gift for a special someone, especially a child, can bring the gift giver just as much joy as the person receiving the gift.

For many people, a lot of thought and even time can go into choosing the right gift for a child. Seeing a kid’s face light up as they open their present, their smile widening as they tear off that outer wrapping covered in holly or adorable dancing snowmen, and even hearing their squeals of excitement are all part of the holiday experience.

Choosing great toys for kids is not always an easy task. There are millions of toys on the market and each year major retailers put out their list of the hottest toys of the season predicting which toys kids will be clamoring to get! The hottest toys don’t necessarily mean they are the best toys though. Gifts that help to enrich a child’s life are ones that will inspire creativity and imagination, foster thinking skills, and promote development of their minds and bodies.

The catchphrase “the gift that keeps on giving” originally started in the early 1920s and was part of an advertising slogan for a phonograph. It has been used over the years in a number of different ways but this catchphrase can really take on new meaning when it comes to gifts for children. Depending on their age and/or interests, so many different toys can make a child happy while at the same time stimulating healthy development of their social, cognitive, physical and emotional well-being.

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The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet – Grey

Sometimes we have to wonder what toy manufacturers are actually thinking! A toy is released and is marketed in such a way that it quickly skyrockets to the hot list but is it really a toy that is deemed worthy. There is one such toy that is predicted to be one of the hottest toys this season but it honestly should be considered one of the worst toys of 2013. The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet by Moose Toys is a kids new gross best friend but parents should stay away and consider this to be their kids worst enemy. Promoting annoying habits and bad manners is what this toy is all about. The Uggly Pug has an opening underneath to slide your hand into so that it is used like a puppet (the “Gross Electronic Pup-Pet!” as advertised on the box).

“Features” of the Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet:

  • Over 30 disgusting and revolting sounds such as burping, farting, barking, growling and snorting.
  • Repulsive appearance with bloodshot eyes and slime or bodily fluid dripping from the mouth, nose and backside.
  • When left alone he continuously and annoyingly snores until he is played with again.
  • A fly button on the collar that emits a sound of buzzing flies similar to a sound you might hear around uncollected waste or garbage.
  • A warp dial on the collar that you can turn to change the pitch of one of its nasty sounds of burping or farting.
  • The backside of this pet is hard and the head portion is rubbery.
  • Available in 3 different colors – brown, grey and beige.
  • Comes with an Uggdoption Certificate and instruction manual.

Just in Case You Still Think The Ugglys Pug is a Good Idea…

The suggested age range for this interactive “toy” is 5 to 6 years old and up and comes with a price tag in the $30 to $40 range. A high price to pay to teach and encourage rude behaviors and bad manners in a child! Using your hard earned dollars to buy a toy that inspires imagination and creative thinking may be a much better decision. A soft toy to cuddle, books, puzzles, building sets or any toys that motivate them to explore interests and hobbies are great gift ideas and a much better investment. If your child has to have one of the hottest toys of the season please pass this one over.

The Ugglys Pug electronic toy is virtually pointless with nothing more to offer than annoying everyone around them and instigating bad habits. Parents may not think it’s very funny anymore when they realize it’s their child making over 30 disgusting and revolting sounds instead of the Ugglys Pet.

My Prediction: it will end up in your garage sale next summer!

So what do you think? Do you agree that the Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet is the worst 2013 toy?

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