Fisher Price Castle: Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Review

A Fun Fisher Price Castle

One of the best-known toy manufacturers is Fisher-Price. Many of their toys have become classics that have endured through the years. Typically, Fisher-Price makes its toys with durability in mind, so quite often the toys are passed down from one family member to the other. The Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle is no different.

You may wonder, whom does the Eagle Talon Castle appeal to and is it destined to become a classic for your kids like so many Fisher Price toys before it?

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Main Features:

  • Lighting and sounds effects
  • Plenty of accessories to add to the fun
  • Includes 3 knight figures
  • Made for age 3 and up

Is This Imaginext Castle Worth Buying?

At first glance, the Imaginext Castle is extremely impressive. Calling it large is an understatement. Opened fully it is a full three and a half feet. Each of the walls can be moved around and re-positioned, giving it the ultimate in configurability.

The large design fits in well with the medieval castle theme. With the large influx of fantasy books and movies in recent years, kids are sure to enjoy spending time playing in a world of castles and knights.

Accessories included

Tons of little accessories included add to the fun. Some of the items included are three knight figures, a canon, two catapults, swords, shields and other weapons, plus additional pieces to add to the realism. Everything gives kids a chance to play out their favorite castle adventures without having to buy extra toys.

The real selling point of the toy is the sound and visual effects, plus the fact that the toy works in conjunction with additional Fisher-Price toys. There is a dragon (sold separately) that triggers a response when it gets near the castle. Sound effects include the sounds of battling soldiers.

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There is also something else in the box. A DVD is included that helps bring the world of the castle to life for young kids. After they have watched the video, they will be even more excited about playing out the stories in the castle itself.

The only criticism that is made on this particular toy has to do with the number of pieces included—since it is easy for them to get lost—and the cost. However, the price is well worth it, when you consider the fun that will be had and the durability of the toy itself. It is likely that this will join those others and become a long lasting favorite in the Fisher-Price line.

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