Tigeroo. A Cool Vintage Bike Toy

Vintage Tigeroo Horn

Tigeroo had to be on the cool vintage toy list. Tigeroo was not really a toy but a tiger horn for your bike. I had it on my cool green bike (extra points for the banana seat). Was looking cool with the orange and black tiger on the front. When you squeeze Tigeroo’s lever, he made a loud roaring sound. Tigeroo even came with a fluffy tail that you could hang from your reflector in the back of the bike.

This toy is from the mid 60’s and mine was given by an older neighbor when I was about 5 years old in the 70’s. Too bad I no longer have it, my son would have like it.

It was made by Ideal, in the USA. Yes that was the good old time when toys were made to last and didn’t come from China!

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