Cool Vintage Toys: Kenner’s Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong a Cool Toy That Keeps Growing! It may sound wrong on many different levels, but at that time in the 1970’s there was nothing much cooler if you were a child, than having an action figure toy that was essentially a man with big muscles wearing only his briefs and his blonde hair. … Read more

Vintage Mattel’s Yackers

Vintage Talking Animal Plush: Mattel’s Yackers I grew up in the 1970’s. Back then, there were no cell phones, no computers, no iPods, and no fancy electronic games. The kid’s toys I grew up with were simple but they were fun. Yackers were among these cool toys. In the latter part of the 60’s, Mattel … Read more

Tigeroo. A Cool Vintage Bike Toy

Vintage Tigeroo Horn Tigeroo had to be on the cool vintage toy list. Tigeroo was not really a toy but a tiger horn for your bike. I had it on my cool green bike (extra points for the banana seat). Was looking cool with the orange and black tiger on the front. When you squeeze … Read more

The Lakeside Haunted Mansion Board Game: A Vintage Walt Disney World Game

The Lakeside Haunted Mansion Game: The Coolest Ever Disney Game Let me take you back in time to 1976, or maybe it was 1975. I had just received a gift from my parents that I could never have expected in my wildest dreams because – like many of you reading this – I had never … Read more