Vintage 1970 Inchworm

Inchworm was a hugely popular toy when I was a kid in the 70’s. I got one for Christmas from my grandparents and I played on it for hours at a time. Inchworm is about 3 feet long and you basically sit on it, bounce up and down to make the worm crawl forward. Inchworm also makes a clicking sound when you turn the wheels. I forgot about it until I ran into this 1970’s TV ad:

I think the Inchworm was a great ride on toy! And made to last too. Mine was given to my younger brother and later to a young cousin before it finally died (the Inchworm, not the cousin!). It saw a lot of rough action that no modern ride-on toy could sustain.

After watching that TV ad I went to check online to see more pictures and found out that the Inchworm is still alive! You can buy a new version made by Radio Flyer. Unfortunately the newer version, like many toys now, is not that great. There is quite a lot of issues and apparently it’s hard for kids to get it to move…so a ride toy that doesn’t move is quite sad.

If you want to give an Inchworm to your kid, I would try and hit eBay for the vintage 70’s one. Note that the real vintage one is green and yellow. The newer version is red and yellow. Some sellers use the word “vintage ” on their Inchworm when it’s not. So beware.

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