Cool Marble Mazes: Q-BA-MAZE

Puzzles and Mazes Are Incredible Brain Food for Kids

From the time kids are very small puzzles and mazes are encouraged for the great developmental benefits they offer. There are many areas of a child’s growth and development that are stimulated through play. Simple puzzles, marble mazes and building activities (such as stacking blocks) for toddlers help with the development of cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, gross motor and fine motor skills, memory, problem solving, and imagination and creativity.

As children get older they are constantly fine tuning these same types of skills which are initially developed at a very rapid pace in the early childhood. All the way through teenhood, puzzles, mazes and different types of building/construction toys provide challenges that continue to stimulate many different areas of development.

An innovative toy like Q-BA-MAZE requires a combination of many skills and is fun and challenging for kids ages 5 and up through adults. Q-BA-MAZE is a marble maze game which not only provides hours of fun and enjoyment but promotes development in thinking skills, strategy, spatial perception, planning, math skills, creativity and so much more.

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Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Big Box

Review of Q-BA-MAZE Marble Mazes Game

Andrew Comfort, a former architect, is the inventor of this challenging and inspirational game that combines construction, a marble maze and all of the features of an intricate puzzle into one game that intends to amaze and encourage creativity and ingenuity in those who play it. Creation of the game was inspired by Andrew’s grandfather who created a marble run many years ago and passed along a passion for making things.

Through the use of three kinds of cubes, players can experiment with cause and effect and 3D thinking by using any number of readily available construction plans to create incredible mazes or they can design their own. There are four pegs in the bottom of every cube and each cube can be interlocked with another on the top of each cube or on the side when using a single exit cube. Part of the fun and creativity is strategic planning enabling you to build a structure that will allow the marbles to flow in different directions throughout the maze. When the marbles reach a double exit cube, anything can happen.

Different Types of Cubes:

  • Bottom exit cube: Has a hole in the bottom for a marble to pass through
  • Single exit cube: Has an exit pathway out one side of the cube with a side connection to connect to other exit cubes
  • Double exit cube: Has an exit pathway out two sides of the cube

The Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Big Box Construction Set: check all the great reviews this marble maze set has on Amazon

This marble mazes construction box contains a total of 92 pieces (72 cubes and 20 marbles) and gives its players the opportunity to be an artist, inventor, or engineer by creating fascinating and fun designs. The Q-BA-MAZE website contains construction plans that give you step-by-step instructions to create an incredible marble maze. Players also have the ability to draw a plan for their own creation that can be shared with others under the “Plans” tab on the website. Q-BA-MAZE is a fun and creative toy for all ages that really does amaze. Players will be hooked once they’ve tried it and will no doubt want to get more cubes to add onto their set to design bigger and better mazes.

Q-BA-MAZE is a Fun and Creative Toy That Will Truly Amaze Marble Mazes Lovers!