Review of the Radio Controlled Thomas the Train by Fisher Price

A fun Radio Controlled Thomas the Train

Some TV shows and books have stood the test of time and are loved by generations – Thomas the Tank Engine is one of those creations. There is a wide range of Thomas toy trains and figures on the market but what if you are looking for something for a young child aged 2 to 6? Something they can control with ease, that can provide a fun, interactive experience and brings the joy of the series to the play room? If this is the case, the Steam ‘n Speed Radio Controlled Thomas the Train could be perfect.

Fisher Price Thomas the Train
Fisher Price Thomas the Train Steam and Speed RC

This radio controlled Thomas the train puts kids in control with an easy to use remote. Thomas talks, make train sounds and move in three different ways. And the coolest part of all: Thomas emits real steam that is cool to the touch.

The best thing about this Thomas train is that it is pretty much 100% child friendly with only a few minor concerns about small parts and choking hazards. Firstly there is the design, this a genuine, well-crafted toy that kids will recognize from the TV and adults will remember from their childhood. Secondly there is the simplicity of use and the actions. Thomas moves with a series of actions via a large, simplistic remote that is clearly meant for the hands of small children because of the colors and three over-sized buttons: forward, backward and tricks.

This clever design and focus on the child as the user continues with one of the most attractive elements – the steam. Not only does the train produce realistic steam effects, it does so with blue light to make it more visible and it is cool to the touch, with a system not unlike cool air humidifiers. These extra features not only enhance the safety aspect, they also make the toy more stimulating for the senses. Additionally, there have been no complaints about the water tank leaking or developing faults.

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Some Minor Issues

The remote may be child-friendly but it seems that it is not so adult friendly and it is the root of most complaints made about this product. The remote has been criticized by parents for its range and accuracy, however these aspects are less important to the young child on the floor pressing the buttons and enjoying whatever result is achieved. On top of this, the remote takes 3AAA batteries and the train takes 4AA – none of which are included – so if your child plays often, changing them could get expensive.

Note that Mattel no longer has replacement parts for this train. But you can have access to the instruction sheets if you lost yours through their website: Mattel and Fisher-Price customer service

In the end, parents need to look past the minor issues that they may have with this toy and their own difficulties and instead look at the positive aspects and the joy that it can bring to a child. This Steam and Speed Thomas is a great toy that can be easily enjoyed by any young fan of the series because of its movements, sensory experiences and above all its focus on child-friendly controls.