Fossils For Kids: Reviews of Fossil Kits and Fossil Books for Kids

Fossils for kids: fossils kits and books are fun learning toys!

Believe it or not, kids love science. Their natural curiosity, which begins from the time they are very small, opens a doorway to discovery and exploration. Boys and girls alike have an inquisitive nature and love learning about the world around them, especially when it is presented to them in a fun and interesting way. Boys in particular seem to have a fascination with dinosaurs and from the time they are toddlers can be found stomping around the house roaring like a mighty T-Rex. As they get a little older these dinosaur-loving boys are joined by curious-minded girls on a quest to learn about some really amazing features of our planet that can date back to prehistoric times.

Fossils provide a look into the past and are a major source of fascination to a kid. A fossil is simply the preserved remains or traces of an animal, plant or organism that lived a very long time ago and is found in sedimentary rock. The study of fossils has given researchers and scientists a glimpse of how the world once was during past geologic periods and the types of life that existed. Paleontologists have been able to discover so much about the dinosaurs that ruled the earth millions of years ago and the world as it existed back then through the study of fossils. For kids that are little rock hounds and love to find and collect rocks, they will absolutely love fossils and the whole process of digging and chiseling to find

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Fossil Collection

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The Study of Fossils is Fun For Kids

There are many different things these days that encourage and inspire children when it comes to science. Even preschoolers are being introduced to science through innovative, whimsical and fun shows like Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train. These types of shows provide children with actual facts and learning in a very colorful and fun manner. Dinosaur Train features an actual paleontologist, Dr. Scott Sampson, who talks to kids on their level and gives real facts about dinosaurs and their behaviors, fossils, and the different periods in time when dinosaurs existed. For school age kids, television shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dragonfly TV as well as a creative school curriculum with interesting and fun science projects and experiments help to nurture a child’s natural curiosity and keep them interested in science. Science doesn’t have to be boring and fossils for kids is a great way for them to learn about the earth’s history.

There are many different science-related toys and products that not only help kids to learn but provide lots of enjoyment. Science and fossil kits for kids are great educational products that let kids step into the shoes of a Paleontologist uncovering real fossils while using tools that replicate actual tools used at dig sites. Fossil kits give kids an opportunity to really open up their minds to discovery and exploration and learn lots of cool facts about historical periods of time. Without even realizing it this type of activity also helps kids to develop important skills like exploring, making observations, predicting, investigating, making connections, coming up with possible explanations and drawing conclusions. Fossil kits for kids make ideal gifts and really encourage kids to learn in unique and entertaining ways.

Fossils For Kids: Kits and Books

Fossil Kits for Kids

1- Mine for Fossils Science Kit by Discover with Dr. Cool:

This fossil kit is geared for kids ages 6 and older and comes with genuine fossils embedded in a brick of sand (which comes in an aluminum pan), a digging tool, a fossil brush, a full color adventure guide and an activity booklet.

The tools are similar to those used by professionals and each specimen in the kit actually existed millions of years ago. Kids will have loads of fun digging for and unearthing the fossils which they can actually keep and display afterwards.

A great hands-on activity which also inspires creativity and imagination.

This kit comes in 2 version: 10 or 15 fossils box.

2- Ocean Fossil Digging Kit by Discover with Dr. Cool:

An excellent activity/digging kit for kids ages 6 to 12 years old. Using the digging tool, fossil brush and magnifying glass kids can excavate a brachiopod fossil, clam, and sliced and polished ammonite embedded within a brick of clay.

The kit also contains a 12 page information guide with great science facts about ocean fossils. An activity booklet also contains puzzles and games for extra enjoyment. This kit would make an excellent gift at a very affordable price.

3- 20pc Fossil Collection

A superb collection, with great ratings from buyers. Each kit is assembled in the USA and the company ( Dancing Bear) donates 10% of their profits to charities.

Includes 20 real fossils, some dating back to the Ice Age as well as specimens that are over 400 million years old. Among the fossils included in this kit there is a Mosasaurus tooth, some dinosaur bone pieces, a trilobite. Comes with illustrated ID cards, a book, a magnifying glass and geological time scale/identification sheet .

For the paleontologist wannabe this is an impressive collection that will provide hours of fun and is very educational as well.

Fossil Books for Kids

4- Fossils Tell of Long Ago (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2):

This paperback, geared for kindergarten through 3rd grade, has vibrant full color illustrations and shows science-minded, inquisitive kids making observations on fossil facts such as how dinosaur tracks are cast in mud.

The book ends with a suggestion for making an easy one minute fossil (a clay imprint of a hand) and burying it for someone to find in a million years.

32 pages of great scientific content expressed in a fun way with lots of fascinating facts.

5- DK Eyewitness Books: Fossil:

This hardcover book for fossil lovers contains 72 colorful pages of beautiful photographs of the remains of animals and plants now extinct and a unique eyewitness view of fossils, how they’re formed, and how different species lived millions of years ago.

Stunning real-life photos include a dinosaur’s toe, a fossilized human, a snail made of precious stones, 50 million year old pearls and much more.

This book is highly educational and informative and stimulates a tremendous amount of interest in the world of fossils. An excellent gift idea for a child who is an avid science buff.

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