My Vintage Fisher Price 952 Yellow Family House

The Vintage Fisher Price 952 Yellow House: A Classic!

Every child has a special toy they are particularly attached too. Mine was the now vintage Fisher Price 952 yellow house. I received it when I was around 4 or 5 and sulking because I had to stay in hospital to have my tonsils removed. I was too young to understand why my parents had left me there and I refused to talk to them for a week out of anger. So they gave me the yellow Fisher Price house on my return home. This peace offering turned into a treasured possession that I played with for years.

Fisher Price 952 yellow house
update: I found mine!!! My very own vintage Fisher Price 952 yellow house

Rediscovering My Childhood Memories

My childhood memories of that beloved set had faded a little with time. I could recall the striking blue and yellow color scheme and the fact that it had a separate garage and working doorbell but the rest was fuzzy. Then I was amazed to discover the exact same Fisher Price Family House on eBay and it unlocked a flood of childhood memories as I marveled at all the extra details on the house’s lithography.

There were so many additional colors and features – the roses on the trellis, the details in the individual room. I laughed as I spotted the yellow staircase with its storage cupboard and a top stair that was just a little too short for the second floor. All the rooms were as I had known them, all the characters were there including the odd-looking dog – it was like looking at my childhood and felt a sense of regret at letting it go.

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The Vintage Fisher Price 952 Yellow House: A Timeless Toy With So Much To Offer

These vintage Fisher Price play sets are fantastic products like no other modern equivalent because they develop from bright, engaging toys into beautiful heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations. They were built to last and provide timeless, simple pleasure unlike many of today’s modern toys designed to be broken and replaced. You can even buy a replacement lithography online if yours is damaged or missing!

Today, my own children enjoy the vintage Fisher Price Village at my parent’s house (the only Fisher Price playset my parent kept) and they seem to having as much fun with that as I did at their age. This realization  and my recent discovery, got me thinking about Christmas.

A gift with a difference that is recommended to all parents

I believe that this vintage Fisher Price 954 yellow house would make a great Christmas present for a young child. I was so taken with my eBay discovery that I am considering bringing another of these houses back into my home. However there is one problem. What I hadn’t realized was that my treasured house was only made by Fisher Price from 1969 to 1979 and I was lucky enough to own an original piece. If I am to buy another, shouldn’t it have a place on my mantelpiece as my own beautiful vintage item? Or can I let my kids play with it? My children and I could be fighting over this for a while.

UPDATE: I finally bought one on eBay! And it is as nice as I remembered!! See my very own vintage Fisher Price 954 yellow house in the photo at the top of this post. And you can too get your own, eBay is one of the best place to check although if you are patient enough you may find one at a yard sale….

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