The Rare Lagoona Blue Hydration Station: A Monster High Playset review

The Coolest Monster High Playset!

The Lagoona Blue Hydration Station is one great toy that is getting harder to find. It’s a Monster High playset that doubles up as a stylish lamp!

Any fan will tell you that Lagoona Blue and water go hand and hand. As the daughter of a sea monster she possesses the scaly skin of a marine creature and, as a result, requires some intense hydration. Now your child can keep her in her favorite element with her own Lagoona Blue Hydration Station.

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Buy A New in Box Hard to Find Lagoona Blue Hydration Station

Yes It Is One Of The Best Monster High Playset

If you are a Monster High collector, then you know it’s one of the most interesting piece to have in your collection! But as a skeptical parent, you may be wondering why you should buy this for you kid. What are the real benefits to adding this new toy to your child’s Monster High collection? You would be forgiven for thinking that this is another pointless product trawled out by the manufacturers to cash in on the popularity of this show. But there are more features on offer than you would imagine and a few unexpected surprises that your child will enjoy for a long time.

This more than a simple chamber to keep Lagoona hydrated, it is a unique toy with many different specialized accessories to play with.

This is not just a basic accessory for a pre-existing doll. The Lagoona Blue doll that comes with it is a completely new design. This set comes with   water bottle, sleep mask and slippers for extra comfort, her journal, a brush and of course her pet fish Neptuna. All these fantastic additions easily fit inside the station on the shelves.

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More than a toy!

But the coolest thing is that the Lagoona Blue Hydration Station can also be used as a lamp. This is not just a toy! It is the chance to let you child decorate their room to their tastes and enjoy the set as a functional accessory. The lamp has three separate settings – constant, flash, and extended flash. Also visual effect of bubbles for added entertainment. It runs on three simple AA batteries, although these are not included.

The doll she can easily be taken out of chamber without fear of spillage so the tank remains a permanent fixture on your kid’s nightstand.

Why should you consider buying the Lagoona Blue Hydration Station?

The Lagoona Blue Hydration Station is a great set to add to a Monster High collection. And it’s also a very fun toy. It’s been one of the most popular MH set ever and it sold out quite quickly.

If you missed it when it was launched and have a MH fan at home, check eBay. You’ll be able to find both new and second hand there and might get a deal!

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