Monster High Dolls Steal Barbie’s Crown

Barbie vs Monster High Dolls Barbie dolls have been around for many years with the very first Barbie (in a swimsuit) being shown at the New York toy fair in 1959. Since that time Barbie and her perfect looking entourage have become globally recognized and many children have played with Barbie and Ken when younger. … Read more

Where To Get Venus Mcflytrap And A Venus McFlytrap Review

Venus McFlytrap Review The teens at the infamous Monster High really know how to dress to impress and one of the newer students, Venus McFlytrap, definitely stands out from the crowd. Venus, an ecological warrior and daughter of a plant monster, has a unique look that is a cross between Poison Ivy and the punks … Read more

The Rare Lagoona Blue Hydration Station: A Monster High Playset review

The Coolest Monster High Playset! The Lagoona Blue Hydration Station is one great toy that is getting harder to find. It’s a Monster High playset that doubles up as a stylish lamp! Any fan will tell you that Lagoona Blue and water go hand and hand. As the daughter of a sea monster she possesses … Read more