Ghouls Rule Doll Assortment: A Cool Monster High Halloween Set

Ghouls Rule! The Coolest Monster High Dolls Dressed for Halloween

The Ghouls Rule doll assortment was released in spring 2012. Each of these Ghouls Rule dolls had costume versions available in children’s sizes.

The Ghouls Rule doll set includes Cleo de Nile, Abbey Bominable, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein

If you want the buy the complete Ghouls Rule Doll assortment of 5, you can check eBay as the bundle is no longer available on Amazon.

Or you can buy only your favorite:

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Cleo De Nile Doll

Based on the legend of Cleopatra, this doll comes dressed in a Egyptian-inspired dress that has modern touches making it lots of fun. Girls can position her hands to “walk like an Egyptian.” She’s dressed in a blue metallic wrap dress that almost inspires a mummy-like appearance. She has strappy, blue shoes and accessories include a punch bowl and cup.

Draculaura Doll

Draculaura is dressed in a pink, black and red costume with bat wings on her back. Her curly black hair has a streak of blood red. Draculaura has a bit of “bite” to her when she shows her fangs. Accessories includes a skeleton and mini cauldron.

Abbey Bominable Doll

Her Yeti roots give her a cold appearance and this version of the doll comes with an ice nymph costume. With her long blonde hair streaked with color and wristlets of snow, she is an ice queen to the core. Abby’s Halloween accessories include a purse and mask for the masquerade. Abbey Bominable was a Walmart exclusive.

Clawdeen Wolf Doll

With her werewolf background, Clawdeen has an adorably furry appearance. Despite the wolf-like appearance, she is dressed as fashionably as anyone with a purple body-suit and fingerless green gloves. Her ears are pierced and she has pale purple hair. Accessories includes a small coffin and bag. Oh and check out these furry boots!

Frankie Stein

Based on the legend of the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankie wears a black corset and long, flowing skirt. Her light blue skin shows off her silver staples and jewelry constructed of nuts and bolts. Frankie has the classic black and silver hair of the Bride of Frankenstein character. Her accessories include a purse and pot of slime.