Excavation Kits For Kids

Hours of fun unearthing ancient treasures with  digging toys and excavation kits for kids

It’s not unusual to find a rambunctious little toddler stomping around the house roaring and bellowing like a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex on the prowl. From a very early age kids are fascinated by the world of dinosaurs and that fascination typically grows into a genuine interest in exploration and learning about the past. Much like paleontology where scientists study the fossils of prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs, archaeology is the study of past civilizations and cultures to learn how people lived in ancient times. Kids of all ages, and even adults, are intrigued by the study of Archaeology where artifacts are uncovered and give us wonderful clues about the past.

What kid doesn’t like to dig, find clues and unravel a good mystery. There are many different archaeology games and digging toys that provide youngsters with the tools and techniques to make them feel like real archaeologists as they are about to make an important discovery that will amaze the world. These types of toys allow children to use their imaginations as they explore distant worlds and unearth ancient treasures. They can also encourage patience as it takes time to excavate these treasures. Excavation kits for kids keep them entertained and engaged in anticipation of what they are about to discover. They make excellent gifts for a child since they are educational and also provide hours of fun and enjoyment.

Some archaeology games, digging toys and excavation kits for kids with much to offer:

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This National Geographic toy is recommended for ages 8 years old and up and provides a great deal of fun for kids who love excavation and discovery. The kit contains a model pyramid complete with excavation tools like a hammer, chisel, brush, peg, and sponge as well as treasures to be revealed within the pyramid like four canopic urns, a sarcophagus containing a realistic model mummy, and even a death mask. Kids will feel like a true archaeologist as they use hieroglyphics to discover how to unlock the pyramid, explore its layout, chambers and hidden passageways and uncover unusual artifacts within. Parents who bought this kit love that it provides a great deal of fun for children with easy to understand educational materials. An excellent gift for a child that offers hours of enjoyment plus a portion of the proceeds when purchased goes toward the support of vital exploration.

Another great excavation kit focusing on the tombs of ancient Egypt. The set contains a red block of plaster with a mummy encased in it as well as other treasures such as a hieroglyphic tablet, an ankh, a cat, and a scarab. Excavation tools are a plastic chisel and scraper and a paintbrush. This is a 2-in-1 toy as it also transforms into a board game. This treasure hunt kit and game board with dice and checkers is for kids ages 8 years old and up and provides hours of messy fun as kids learn excavation techniques to reveal their treasures.

Many kids are intrigued by the mummies of ancient Egypt and this kit offers a fun and educational digging experience. The kit contains an earthen block which holds the sarcophagus and mummy, a digging tool, brush and roll of paper tape. Great for ages 6 years old to around 15, it may take some hard work to unearth the ancient treasures and can be a bit messy which makes it even more fun for kids. Once they dig up the mummy they can use the roll of tape to wrap and preserve the mummy. Parents who purchased this excavation kit were impressed with the quality of the contents of the kit and the fact that it provides a great deal of enjoyment for kids.

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