Ever After High Dolls Release: When Monster High Meet Once Upon A Time

Taking one product and marketing concept and then regurgitating it to create several offshoots is hardly a new phenomenon and it has worked many times in the past. The newest and most recent example of this is the Ever After High dolls which have recently went on sale following a substantial amount of hype that was fashioned for their release.

Produced by the Californian based toy company Mattel, who are probably most well-known for their Barbie dolls, Ever After High follows on from the Monster High concept. With Monster High, which was released back in 2010, you had the sons and daughters of famous monsters (Frankenstein for example), the difference here is that the Ever After High series focuses on the offspring of fairy tale characters.

Cerise Hood (daughter of Little Red Riding Hood), Apple White (daughter of Snow White) and Tiny (son of The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk) are all featured as part of a 23 character strong line.

The actual design of the dolls is fairly similar to the Monster High line and it is pretty obvious where Ever After High gets their inspiration from. The main modifications are the slightly rounder faces which do help to create a better design as well as a more human like body shape. In addition to this, the height of each doll is more in tune with the characters in the series bringing together an improved sense of realism. Modelling these new dolls on Monster High is no bad thing; the series has contributed massively to Mattel’s 28% sales rise over the past year and has helped to bring in millions to the company.

One definite positive is the durability of the stands that come with the new Ever After High series. A constant gripe by bloggers and reviewers of the Monster High line was that, in the early models at least, the doll stands tended to be a bit flimsy however this seems to have been addressed for these new dolls.

Something that Mattel have done really well in recent years is to combine their doll range with other materials and this series is no different. A book based on the characters was released earlier in October (to overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback) and a series of webisodes were released on YouTube earlier this year which helped whip up anticipation for the dolls.

That isn’t all there is to the Ever After High range, which are currently exclusive to the Justice chain of stores in America and high street retailer Debenhams in the UK, and the series also includes T-shirts, journals and jewelry which can be purchased by fans. If you don’t have access to Justice or Debenhams, you can pre-order on Amazon (Ever After High Dolls release date: October 27th 2013):  Ever After dolls pre-order here.

In many ways it is hardly surprising that the new line of dolls from Mattel have been released to such acclaim. Based on an already popular concept in Monster High and produced by a company that know exactly what consumers want, the Ever After High series was always going to be onto a winner and it seems as if this is being proved correct in the short time since their release. 


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Ever After High dolls release date to all major retailers (Toys R Us, Walmart Amazon etc): October 27th

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