The New Easy Bake Oven VS The Original Easy Bake Oven

The new Easy Bake oven: how does It compare to the original Easy Bake Oven models of our youth?

When you think of classic, universal toys the Easy Bake oven is one of the first that comes to mind because it has been a much loved part of growing up for decades. You cannot deny that there were some negative female typecasts attached to it, with one 1960s’ advert calling it “the greatest girl’s toy since dolls”, but it was an undeniable classic for children worldwide.

Today the legacy continues and kids can still bake with the redesigned new Easy Bake oven which comes with baking pan, pan tool, one mix and instructions– no attempt made to tone down the girlish stereotypes there. Is the new easy Bake oven a worthwhile purchase or a potential disappointment?

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The New Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven

Many people may be celebrating this continuation, but they shouldn’t.

Let’s put it straight out there, this new model is full flaws and a terrible purchase. For starters it does not even look like an oven; it looks like a cheap, plastic, purple breadbin. Many dissatisfied buyers – and there are many – highlight two major design issues: the lack of a timer and the fact that the front door cannot be opened. These problems have made baking with the new Easy Bake oven very difficult but even those that have succeeded have reason to complain. The goods that do turn out remotely edible are minuscule and some users have mentioned an unsatisfactory taste.

(#CommissionsEarned As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

There is an alternative!

Parents buying this product for their child, either as a way to show them a classic toy or reconnect with their childhood, are often disappointed but here is an idea – why not buy a  second-hand, original Easy Bake oven instead?

There are numerous models available on auction sites from the classic ‘contemporary avocado’ 1969 model to the original 1963 turquoise design in working order. The beauty of these original Easy Bake oven versions comes in the detailing and the features, with many of them offering the same kinds of accessories and functions as the new model plus a few extras. The 1960’s models benefited from a window to watch the progress of your baking, an actual timer and “realistic features”. It is these realistic features that make the vintage toys so appealing, unlike the new version they really do look like mini ovens and kitchens with numerous details like drawers, dials on the oven and floral edging.

But what about the safety issues?

One reason you may be apprehensive about buying a vintage, second-hand model is the safety aspect. One of the key selling points of the new version is the “no more light bulbs needed!” claim but is this deserved? Sure there were concerns about the old light bulbs and kids getting burnt but there are just as many safety concerns with the current model. The vents are said to get pretty hot, there is an age restriction against children under the age of 8 and adult supervision is required at all times.

Which Easy Bake oven will it to be?

In the end, if you want to buy an Easy Bake oven you have two choices; you can either buy a classic, durable toy with great features and a beautiful design or a disappointing, unattractive and flawed modern version. It seems like an easy decision to me.

If you go for an older version, make sure it is in working order and stick to the 60`s 70`s or early 80`s original Easy Bake oven.

Vintage Easy Bake Ovens available on Ebay

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  1. I love the old aqua colored Easy Bake Oven that my mom used to have. As for the new pink and purple one? I’m not so sure, though I think it’s cool that they’ve innovated to still be relevant when traditional light bulbs are no more. The company I work for has put together a cool visual history of the Easy Bake Oven! Feel free to check it out at:

  2. That Easy Bake Oven inforgraphic is just plain amazing! Thank you for sharing.

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